Off-Road Trailer



(5m X 7.8m HIP COVER TENT)


Off-road Trailor The 750Kg under carrage of our Off-road Trailor is built to suit your vehicle type with eigther 13 inch or 15 inch tyres. A detachable tubular frame is fitted on the trailor and form the base of the Trailor top Tent but also house fittings for the 5m x 7.8m HIP centre poles. The tubular frame is also fitted with canvas sides to reduce weight. The detachable frame alllow multiple purpose usage of the under carrage.

  • The size of the trailor is 1.4m x 2.1m and 1m high.

Trailor top Tent The trailor top tent feature space for a 1.4m x 2.1m bed. It can be deployed as a stand-alone trailor top tent for an over night facility utilising the double bed. For longer camping trips the HIP cover tent need to be deployed.

HIP Cover Tent A military style tent with 5x detachable overlapping mosquito side walls. Due to overlap on side walls the doorway or main entrance can be situated as required and could be changed at any stage. This feature furthermore allow for emergency escape at multiple positions at all times. The modular deployment of the larger 5m x 7.8m HIP Tent provide from limited shelter (Roof only) to full protection against the elements during short to long camping trips.


The main purpose of this off-road trailor and tent is to provide off road camping facilties at an affordable price.