Dome Extensions


Description. 3,6mx3m Tent Extension with steel tubing frame and cover/flysheet.

  • The size of the extension is 3,6mx3m.
  • Solid mosquito net at doors & 4x air vents with closure in the apex
  • 4x side doors with outside closure 3mx1,8m (Outside closure can be used as windshield or veranda)
  • Canvas and netting double roof
  • Zipped front-end panel(single extension) and 1 or 2 zipped dome cover panels(1x for single extension and 2x for double extension). Millitary spec – 25.4mmx0.9mm cold rolled steel tubing framework
  • Single extension features a 1,8mx2,7m veranda
  • Double Extension integrate with two dome tents

Purpose: The main purpose of this extension tent is to create extra living space during camping trips with dome tents. Due to its modular nature it easily integrate with one or two of our 3mx3m Dome tents. In its secondary role it can be used as stand alone messing tent, gazebo or car port. Purchase an extra front end panel and convert your extension into a framed tent.


Sleeping: 3 – 4 Man tent (up to 6x children)
Width: 3.1m
Length: 3.6m
Height of Apex: 3m
Weight: 58.5kg
  (Packed into a carry bag with seperate frame bag)

Extension Packed and ready for transport

Carry Bag: 700mmx400mmx400mm @ 37.5Kg
Frame Bag: 150mmx150mm @ 21 Kg


Canvas: SABS approved 400GMS Two tone Ripstop Canvas (Howard/Sand).
  Other options also available on request
Frame: the frame is manufactured from 25mmx0.9mm cold rolled mild steel
  for extra strength and then electroplated for durability. Corner pieces
  made from 25mmx1.2mm steel.
Groundsheet: SABS approved 550 GMS PVC fitted groundsheets are optional available.
Zip: SABS approved YKK no 10 zips with lifelong guarantee are used throughout.
Manufacturing: manufacturing of all our products are done with SABS approved materials
  and to military specifications

IMPROVED FEATURES Besides the standard features of Extension Tents generally available, CANVALODGE went to great lengths to improve some of these. Improved features includes the following:

  • SABS approved Two Tone Canvas (Howard/Sand or Olive/Sand). Sand colour on the inside of the tent gives better light reflection at night time and is prooved to be cooler
  • The Two tone Canvas comes with a tefflon coating for better durability, water tightness and UV protection.
  • The modular design allow easy handling and also allow that the extension can be used in a secondary role as a Gazebo, car port, mess tent if not integrated with the dome tent or as a stand alone frame tent by adding a second front-end panel.
  • The apex airvents combined with the Two Tone canvas and side verandas improve air flow and thus provide lower inside temperatures of the tent. During winter it can be closed to prevent the escape of warmer air.
  • The netted cover/flysheet provide shade on the canvas roof thereby assisting lower temperatures and furthermore improve the water tightness during heavy showers by dispersing rainfall.
  • Optional available a netted cover/flysheet for the Dome Tent to provide shade on the canvas roof thereby assisting lower temperatures in the tent itself.


Front & Side Veranda or

Window Shield

Front Panel


Double Roof



Enclosed Gazebo/Kitchen

Car Port