4m Range

Safari Lodge Tents – 4m Range


 Description: 4m Wide A-frame style tent.

  • The inner tent starting from 6m and increase with 1,5m intervals to 10,5m each featuring a window and could be sudivided into seperate rooms.
  • The main entrance are manufactured to feature a wooden door, T-door Serenghety style or roll-up/down type door with or without mosquito netting.
  • Window selection can be with or without outside closure. Provision for fitment of inside curtain railing is optional.
  • Front and back windows are optional pending the selection of door type.
  • The standard tent comes without a fitted groundsheet but is available as selected option.
  • The cover or flysheet start from 6m and increase with 2m intervals to 14m. This allow for a veranda and backside overlap. Backside overlap can be used for a fitted or fixed en-suide bathroom.
  • The flysheet option can be no cover/flysheet, single cover or a double flysheet. A selection of materials to manufacture the cover/flysheet from include canvas, PVC, waterproofed shade netting or a combination of these.
  • The inner tent feature a range of airvent options but airvents is not possible with the selection of no cover/flysheet.

 Purpose: The main purpose of this tent is luxury permanent tented housing. The creation of an outdoor and safari feeling within a luxury environment but without the hardwork of pitching tents or a caravan ascosiated with normal camping. The secondary role is as sleeping quarters for larger groups. These tents are definately not for normal camping because of a 5 hour installation time and the requirement of a prepared platform.



Sleeping: between 2 -14 people pending the selected size, interior lay-out and design
Length: Inner tent – 6m, 7.5m, 9m and 10,5m
  Frame and flysheet cover – 10m,12m and 14m
Width: Inner tent – 4m throughout
   Frame and flysheet cover – 5,8m througout
Footprint:  determined by selected combination
Height of Apex:  Inner tent – 3m.

Cover/flysheet – 3.3m

  Double cover/flysheet – 3.6m
Height of side wall: 2m
Weight: From 230kg (Smallest combination) to 380kg (Largest combination)

 Improved Features: Besides the standard features of Safari Lodge Tents generally available, CANVALODGE went to great lengths to improve some of these features.

 Improved features includes the following:

  • SABS approved Two Tone Canvas with a tefflon coating are generally used.
  • Patented Strong Stuff reinforced corners for extra strength.
  • A spring loaded system to keep the inner tent in position during all weather conditions.
  • Window storage pockets for inside windows (no buckles, strings, ropes or valgro).
  • We increased the height of our sidewalls to allow for unobstructured movement from side to side and to improve air flow.
  • The option of a double flysheet.




Inner Tent

Cover Flysheet





: the frame is manufactured from 32mmx1.6mm cold rolled mild steel for exstra strength and durability. Colour coded epoxy coating  is used but electroplating or hot dip galvanizing is also available on request only    

: SABS approved 400GMS Two tone Ripstop Canvas (Howard Green/Sand). Other options also available on reques

: choice of a single or double flysheet. This can be manufactured from canvas, PVC, waterproofed shade netting and 80% shade netting is used for the double flysheet.

: SABS approved 400 to 550 GMS PVC fitted groundsheets are optional available. 

: SABS approved YKK no 10 zips with lifelong guarantee are used throughout. 

: manufacturing of all our products are done with SABS approved materials and to military specifications.